Golfer Tips For the New Golfer

You hear your golf shot before you see it. By the sound of the ball hitting your club, your shot is about 350 yards straight down the middle of the fairway. A short approach shot and a putt and you have achieved your very first eagle! What’s next? What’s next is a hole in one, of course. Here is where you roll your eyes, but don’t. Your golf game is about to be on a whole new level with the following golfer tips.Your game is only going to get better with practice, practice, and more practice. The more time you spend at the driving range, the better the golfer you will become. The first thing that you should do at the range is stretch. That’s right, stretch. Great golfer tips will most definitely include stretching.You cannot hit a decent golf shot while your muscles are tight. Take several practice swings. Move your arms from side to side and bend over and touch your toes. If touching your toes is out of the question, then get as close as you can. Before long you will be touching your toes, no problem at all.The first thing golfers want to do when they get to the practice range is pull out their driver. Stop! Good golf scores are made around the green, not off the tee. Grab your 5 iron and work on your approach shot. The thing that you want to strive for is a perfect swing over and over so that you develop muscle memory.Pick your target, swing easy, keep your eye on the ball and follow through. Hit an entire bucket of balls with your five iron. Keep the same target, and make a mental note on how many balls are close enough to putt in. When you feel ready you can pull out your seven iron or pitching wedge and continue to master your shots around the green.The best golfer tips will come from PGA Gold Professionals. Ask for information regarding lessons from a Professional at your local driving range. Golf lessons will range from 30 minutes to one hour and will cost you anywhere from thirty dollars all the way up to two hundred dollars an hour and quite possibly more. If your budget is tight you can ask for an assistant golf pro which is usually cheaper.Golf can be a great game, but frustrating as well. Never overlook the possibility of what practice can do for your game. The professionals on tour did not get where they are without countless hours on the practice range.